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Commission Sales

Legalshield for Commission Sellers 

For professionals who enjoy the flexibility and rewards that come with focusing on personal sales. 


Prefer to sell without managing a team?

If you enjoy selling to small businesses and groups of people and are willing to work hard to achieve your income goals, our commission sales option might be right for you. When you choose this option, rather than manage a sales team, you focus on your own personal sales, allowing you to reap the rewards of a generous compensation plan. 

We find that the most successful commission sales people at LegalShield appreciate schedule flexibility, but can work during business hours. They are self-confident and believe in what they sell, and are willing and eager to learn about and use LegalShield products. Many of our commission sellers offer LegalShield to round out existing offerings, or have a book of business that would be interested in LegalShield services.

See the video on the left to learn more about how LegalShield works for members.

WATCH OUR Commission sales briefing VIDEO

Interested in learning more? This comprehensive video briefing provides more information about who we are,
how we work with commission sales people, and our contract and compensation options. Fill out the information below to view.

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"Right now I make more in residual income every month than I made working at a college more than 60 hours per week. This business model provides you with an opportunity to be paid for your performance."

Cheryl Garcia, Colorado



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